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Yadawee is an Egyptian company established in 2002-2003 by Hisham El Gazzar and Tarek Sheta, with a mission to promote and export high quality Egyptian handicrafts. Yadawee’s partners set out to revive Egypt’s heritage by promoting traditional Egyptian handicrafts produced by skilled craftsmen from all Egypt painstakingly working to meet international standards. Yadawee's mission is to help local artisans and craftsmen work and produce in order to improve their standard of living. The company has successfully completed several export shipments to USA, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Moldova, Japan, Germany, Italy and Australia. The two founding partners have agglomerated theoretical as well as hands on experiences in entrepreneurial start-ups and management, quality systems and procedures, export management, as well as developmental projects. The company has applied for and received ISO 9001 certification by TUV Cert. Yadawee has developed a vision for its future, namely to become a brand name - ‘value added’ -export house of Egyptian handicrafts. To fulfill this vision, Yadawee is targeting to develop a business model that would entail developing in-house designs for various handicrafts (reflecting Egyptian culture), finding and commissioning local artisans to produce those designs, and to internationally promote and export the produced handicrafts. At Yadawee, we were of the conviction that the level of effort needed to develop Egyptian handicrafts and artisans’ skills (to fit with their value-added concept) required considerable teamwork and interventions beyond our capacity. Yadawee believes in fair trade and its practices. Therefore, we practice directly with in-country communities and concerned local and international organizations to provide economic empowerment to artisans and craftsmen in remote areas and disadvantaged groups of the community. Yadawee supports gender equality in all steps of the supply chain, encouraging women to be a productive segment of the community and get the same payment as their male colleagues. A widely range of accessories can be bought at Yadawee ,including high quality, colorful Egyptian cotton and viscose scarves .Yadawee is well known for its fine wood products made in Hegaza village in upper Egypt. A creative collection of cushions can be also found, some with the famous Sinai embroidered patterns, some produced in Akhmim and others from trendy Khayameya fabric. There is also an interesting collection of mouth-blown glass specialists inspired from ancient Egyptian accessories, including perfume bottles, table sets, oil essence warmers, candleholders and decorative pieces In a nutshell, Yadawee encompasses a huge range of original high quality Egyptian products that radiate authenticity, showing Egypt’s culture heritage at its best.